Matthias Heiderich 砂石場與自然的對話

I love plain sky blue with building in square format so much when in my sophomore/3rd year. That's because of photography by berliner Matthias Heiderich. But maybe we (kinda) have had enough of those "all kinds of blues" with architect...? Here's Matthias's new series - "Kali Revisited." You can see that potash dump Heringen with nobody scene as usual. It's gloomier, aren't it?

柏林人Matthias Heiderich, 受他的影響, 大二大三攝影時, 我總愛藍天與建物的簡約組合, 也是因為他才讓我知道behance這麼專業的設計平台. 回歸正傳. 說實在, 看久了各色系藍與靜靜的歐洲建物對話, 是否膩了...? 九月中Matthias發了新系列 "Kali Revisited." 砂石場的景象延續一貫的"無人"空間調性, 那寧靜的灰暗好像又更憂鬱了些.



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