Hugo Barros 堅持手作拼貼畫

Most of us know how to use Photoshop to make weird but logical works. (But actually we love those illogical things in collage.) Yet Lisbon based artist Hugo Barros insists that his collages are handmade without computer manipulation! Okay, I think I should check out some ideas in old Discover or Natural History and make some great works!

PS日趨強大, 要做出多怪誕又不違和(其實我們都愛拼貼的違和感.)的作品一點兒也不難, 但來自里斯本的Hugo Barros卻堅持一定要手作! 我想我也該去翻翻老DiscoverNatural History來剪剪貼貼找靈感了!

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