Hope Gangloff 現代生活的美麗肖像

Hope Gangloff's work in her early ages remind me of Carine Brancowitz, and those paintings published recently I find some Alexandra Levasseur's style in it... But actually those works are from Hope Gangloff and I think the portraits of modern life are just perfect. Love those blueish hue.

Hope Gangloff早期的畫風和用色不禁讓我想到了先前提過的原子筆插畫家Carine Brancowitz, 但看著看著近來的繪畫作品又有點兒Alexandra Levasseur的味道... 是不是? 當然, Hope Gangloff詮釋的現代生活是獨一無二的. 喜歡那詭異的藍色調瀰漫其中.



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