"Jersey Shore" by Christine Zona 歡樂海邊樂園

Maybe we don't have this (the same) happy memory: laughings everywhere/ salty ocean air/ cotton candy/ colourful ferris wheels... To me, it's just like the scene in The Five People You Meet In Heaven. "Jersey Shore" is a project made by photographer Christine Zona, to recall those sweet memories in amusement park when she was a child.

我想我們都沒有這樣的童年樂園回憶: 笑看著繽紛的摩天輪, 鹹鹹海風迎面吹來, 一手牽著爸媽, 一手拿著彩色棉花糖的無憂年華... 場景感覺就像最近重看的一部小說: The Five People You Meet In Heaven. 米國小孩應該很有共鳴吧? "Jersey Shore"即是攝影師Christine Zona試圖拼湊兒時記憶的美麗系列作.

via: The Jealous Curator