Wood-Grain Rocker 刷出木紋牆面

Last time we know something called "Patterned Paint Roller" can easily make our walls much more beautiful. Now I find this stuff - Wood-Grain Rocker. This surly save a lots time to create faux wood grain. Watch the steps below!

繼上次提到的印花油漆滾輪(patterned paint roller), 又發現一個裝潢好物! 利用木紋桿(Wood-Grain Rocker) 循著步驟來, 就可以輕鬆刷出木紋.

1. Prep the wall and paint a base coat. Mix the glaze by combining a latex or acrylic glazing liquid with your Martha Stewart Living paint color (make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions). Apply a thin layer of glaze, working in small sections.


2. Create the wood grain effect by holding the wood grain rocker firmly and dragging it vertically through the glaze, gradually rolling the tool once from tip to end by the time you reach the bottom.

2. 穩穩的將木紋桿垂直拉往下拉.

3. For a more realistic look, drag the wood-graining rocker or the uneven edge of the graining comb alongside the previous panel.


4. Enjoy your natural, elegant paint effect!


via: The Home Depot - Wood Grain Finishes

How to Paint Easy Faux Wood Grain



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