The Light Bulb Conspiracy: Planned Obsolescence 揭開計畫性淘舊的秘密

Ever wonder why newer products don't seem to last very long...? Why were older products so durable and long lasting compared to the junk we're sold these days? Are you tired of things falling apart and breaking down on you? Would you like to know why this is happening? Have a look at this documentary. (via: Underground Documentaries)

相信很多人都知道所謂的"計畫性淘汰". 這支挪威紀錄片以清楚,有系統的述說, 從美國消防局一支用了百年的燈泡開始講起, 讓我們了解現今消費性社會中, Planned Obsolescence這不可告人的秘密!



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