Temporary Contemporary Carpets 非織成的大型地毯

Those carpets are as beautiful as normal ones, but when get closer, you'll know they're made by products that normally have no value once they have been used, such as plastic forks, plasters and toys. We Make Carpet created the art project - "Temporary Contemporary Carpets" shows not just a decorative carpet, but something makes us think about the consumer society.

這些不尋常的地毯由荷蘭三人團隊We Make Carpet創作, 大量使用生活中的物件, (大多是些用過即丟的產品. 如: 塑膠刀叉. 寶特瓶罐. 玩具等物.) 來探討消費性社會所衍生的問題.



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