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John Ramer - Walk into the nature and feel it. 走入自然

Let's follow John Ramer's steps to walk into the nature! So healing... I don't know why now I just wanna sing Jason Mraz and Elmo's song...

讓我們跟著 John Ramer 的腳步一起走入自然! 好療癒的氛圍, 不知為何腦中除了蟲鳴鳥叫也多了Jason Mraz和Elmo的歌聲...

"All day I've been inside
And I've got the feeling
I'm trapped between the walls
And underneath the ceiling
I feel a bit off track
And now I'm trying to get back

Back in the cool cool air
Where the sun in shining
Nothing's gonna stop me
It's all in the timing
It's finally again my turn
It's time to return

Cause I won't stay inside
No more no more
I cannot wait to go outdoors
hey hey hey (Elmo)

Well open up your door
And be like me
Open up your door
And then breathe free
Look at all the beauty you'll feel
Love love love love

Listen to the music of the wind
And the birdies sing
We're just one big family
And all of nature deserves to be
Loved loved loved loved loved

So I won't stay inside
No more …

Jess Chen - Simple but beautiful tattoos 簡約美刺青

Let me introduce another beautiful tatto arts from Jess Chen! All those simple lines light up the bodies, magic!

我們對刺青的想像可以轉化為美麗的線條, 如同插畫或藝術品般的欣賞著。好喜歡 Jess Chen 寥寥幾筆能展現美感的功力。


Timo Lemmetti - "Helblue" 赫爾辛基藍

The quiet atmosphere caught my attention. Going to heading to Helsinki to feel it for real just because of Timo Lemmetti.(No kidding.)

這種靜謐的氛圍總是吸引我的目光。決定馬上啟程, 出發赫爾辛基, 自己感受看看! 更做作品: Timo Lemmetti


Sara Boccaccini Meadows \\ Natural sound.

Gloomy Monday again. Let's check some greens from Sara Boccaccini Meadows.


Masaki Higuchi \\ Foodie.

Yes, the things you eat every day can be an art. The pictures are just so simple and kinda... Carelessly? I love them so much. Check more daily food photography by Masaki Higuchi.