Ashley Mackenzie 孤寂束縛

Deconstruction/construction/hiding/alone/run away... Sometimes artist created images to show us the weakness of people. See more illustrations by Ashley Mackenzie below!

解構/建構/躲藏/獨處/逃避... 有時候藝術家給的畫面如同剖析人最脆弱的一面. 瞧瞧Ashley Mackenzie的插畫.

Spot illustration for Canadian Lawyer magazine about a ruling which determined that legal battles between parents can lead to family violence. 

Public Brains
Despite our feelings of shared understanding, there’s no real way of knowing if any individual’s experience is the same as another’s. 

Seeking Substance
Technology has made the process of finding information incredibly simple, inhibiting our capacity to become truly knowledgeable

Filling in the Gaps
As our knowledge of the brain becomes more comprehensive it seems like the idea of the soul exists only in the gaps of our understanding

No Body, No Mind
Despite society’s emphasis on abstract thought, the brain cannot become a mind without a body.



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