Monica Ramos 雨林綺想

Cannot denying that I really have crush on Monica Ramos's new series - "Just Swim." Who won't love Summer, Tropical Jungle and Palm Trees? Do you notice the indigo leaves, green pool and naked woman playing with tigers? Really cute! Cos those peoplesssssssss... I think I will add her as favorite! (Check her website, plz.)

莫名的喜歡Monica Ramos的新系列-"Just Swim."我愛夏天、熱帶雨林、棕櫚樹,但你注意到了嗎?她的樹葉是靛藍色,水是綠色的,湖裡除了裸女還有老虎同游!我想我會默默將Monica加入書籤,因為那隨興又帶點神經質的人滿為患。(拜託請見官網)

via: thejealouscurator


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