Coffee Napkin Sketch 晨間咖啡x阿狗習作

Do you remember Low-Commitment Projects? I've follow them since the year before last year. In 2013, they only post one project a month; and then... Posted every Monday morning in 2014! "Coffee Napkin Sketch" in April, 7th is really cute, I can imagine that scrawling coffee on the napkin on a sunshine weekend.

還記得Low-Commitment Projects嗎?自從前年寫過就一直發露至今。2013年她們小幅更動計畫,每個月只發一次主題;至2014又再改一次時程,每周一早上都會有新作發表!四月七號的小作-"Coffee Napkin Sketch"挺可愛,像是周末吃完早餐,把杯底喝沒完的咖啡來塗鴉那樣。



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