Alexandre Ciancio 人滿為患: 建築師思維拼貼

Overcrowded scenes with logical space... Yes. Those collages were made by French architect named Alexandre Ciancio. And I found out that the most interesting part isn't just about his collage works, check out these architecture model pictures in his website! Amusing!

搞collage似乎總是喜歡影像間留點空或在平面到不行的畫面多加點莫名其妙的空間暗示, 而這人滿為患卻又充滿邏輯性空間氛圍的景象是出自於法國建築師Alexandre Ciancio的手筆. 恩... 看著看著, 我忽然發現最有趣的是他的建築模組圖! 不同於一般一板一眼的建築示意, 他也用了collage啊! 連色系都... 太有趣了! 快去官網看!!! (甚至一度懷疑這建築師是裝肖維)



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