John Breed 鞋子沙龍

When saw those pastel colours and high heels you might think of some works made by girls. Actually, those are from Nederland artist John Breed. Here's the situation. If you have to see all great works in MOMA on Friday night(4:00-8:00 pm for free), Shoe Salon Breuninger definitely will cost you more than 2 minutes to appreciate. Fabulous! Aren't it?

看到柔和淡彩色系與高跟鞋可能誤以為是個纖細女孩出的的作品. 實際上, 是位荷蘭裝置(男)藝術家John Breed的系列作. 即使是為了趕4點後(其實不小心流連忘返時代廣場太久以至於趕到場已經6點多)免錢看MOMA飛也似的逛到8點等著被人趕, Shoe Salon Breuninger絕對會是讓你多駐足兩分鐘的大型裝置作品.



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