Malissa Ryder 水彩漸層

Paintings by Malissa Ryder. Blending watercolour... Kinda like sweet popsicles.

美國人Malissa Ryder的Etsy上賣了許多這樣"簡約"的... 漸層水彩畫. 不要問我為什麼, 就是喜歡嘛.

large original watercolor, bright horizon in versions of orange

large original watercolor painting, coral to turquoise fade

original watercolor painting, soft blue and green scene, watercolor landscape

original abstract watercolor painting, criss cross blending color form in yellows, greens, blues and red, modern wall art

large original watercolor, summer garden

watercolor painting in violet to yellow to green grey color bands blending, small original painting

a soft primary color fade original small watercolor painting

original watercolor painting, blues of the sea



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