DIY Pressed Flower iPhone Case 繽紛花朵手機殼DIY

Recently, people come into questions of "Traditional cellphones v.s Smart phones"... Somehow Smart phones always looks like the same? Bigger screens and then... nothing. There's a girl named Clare who loves flowers (on Etsy) taught us how to make your phone case more colourful and brighter! Watch steps below!

換了智慧型手機後, 為追求大螢幕, 手機樣貌好似沒有傳統手機那麼花俏多變了? Etsy的愛花兒部落客Clare教我們怎麼做出漂亮又獨特的手機殼! 勾起我大學修一門"標本製作"的回憶... 其中一個教學即是做壓扁的乾燥植物: 至野外採集好花草, 再將之分開排列於報紙中, 一疊一疊框上架子(標本製作專用物), 最後, 放進烘乾機靜候一周. 做好的乾燥壓扁植物就可利用於書籤/卡片的設計等. 不過這兒不需要專業的大型烘乾機來處理花瓣, 看以下Clare的教學!

You will need:

Pressed dried flowers 已壓扁的乾燥花 (將花放入書中, 重壓約一周即可!)
Flat, solid white iPhone case 純白的手機殼
Clear craft glue 工藝用膠水(我猜三秒膠會是個好選擇)
A flat and level work surface 水平/平坦的工作桌
Tape 膠帶
Scissors 剪刀
Parchment paper 大張的紙 (用來墊桌面, 其他東西也可)
Ruler 尺
Thin-tip permanent marker 簽字筆
Timer 計時器
2 clear plastic cups 兩個乾淨的塑膠杯
2 wooden craft sticks 兩支冰棒棍(或是筷子,都可以啦)
50/50 clear-casting epoxy resin (I used Easy Cast) 黏著劑
Acetone (or a nail polish remover with acetone) 丙酮(或是含丙酮的去光水)
Q-tips 棉花棒(看需求)
Glitter (Optional) 亮片(看需求)

*Step 1: Arrange the flowers

Put pressed flowers on phone case. Make sure that they don't pile up higher than 1/16th of an inch (approximately 1.5 mm) or you won't be able to properly coat the case in resin. Keep in mind that your pressed flowers will become slightly translucent once they are coated in resin, so placing lighter colored flowers under darker ones works best. Once you have found an arrangement you like, take a snapshot of it for future reference.

先想好花草的排列方式, 小心重疊處不要超過1.5mm, 不然待會不好固定. 別忘了加了黏著劑後花瓣會變得些許透明, 所以排列時需將較深色花朵放至下層. 排好了可以拍張照.

Remove the flowers from the case and set them aside. Dab a small amount of glue on the largest flower and carefully glue it to the case. Follow suit with the rest of your flowers until your arrangement is complete.

接著把花草移開, 放置一旁. 擠一些膠水, 一個個固定上去.

*Step 2: Prepare the Resin

Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area. Cut a 2 ft long (approximately 60 cm) piece of parchment paper with your scissors and tape it down to your flat work surface. Take your resin and read the directions carefully. (Note: If the directions for your resin differ from the steps below, make sure to follow the directions for your resin or you’ll end up with a sticky mess, and that’s no good for placing a flowery phone call!)

請在通風良好處操作此步驟. 工作桌上鋪好隔離的紙, 準備塑膠杯/攪拌棒/黏著劑. (接下來的步驟在此省略, 因為使用不同黏著劑有不同使用方法, 請先看清楚包裝上的說明使用喔!)

*Step 3:  Add Resin to the Case

Slowly pour a small amount of your newly mixed resin onto the center of your case. It's always better to err on the side of caution and add too little resin than too much.


Spread the resin close to the edge of your case using your craft stick. Make sure the resin does not go over the edge. Add more resin to the case until the entire back and all the flowers are covered. Lightly blow on any bubbles that show up on the surface to help them disappear.

使用冰棒棍調整膠水的份量, 小心不要弄出邊緣! 視情況加入更多的膠水, 將表面鋪滿並隨時調整厚薄度, 擠出多餘氣泡.

Set the case down on the parchment paper and keep an eye on it as it dries (about one to two hours). If any resin spills over the edges, dip Q-tips in acetone and wipe clean.

接著, 等乾! 如果膠水溢出, 用棉花棒沾丙酮擦拭邊緣.

Once your first coat of resin has dried, examine your case to make sure all the flowers have been properly coated. If needed, add a second coat of resin.

確認膠水已凝固/黏著完成, 看看每個部分是否覆蓋完整, 若不夠還需再上第二層膠水!

Voila! You now have an embellished floral phone case to brighten up any conversation.

瞧!! 完成囉!!!



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