365 Lucky Days 刺繡插畫365天

Lots people have goal to make something everyday for one year, so does Lucy Jackson. I keep following 365 Lucky Days ever since 2011 summer, love those unique and girly style embroideries. And i'm surely inspired by her. (I mean, keep the one year goal.)

前年回來後一直有follow的365 Lucky Days, 連續一整年Lucy Jackson給自己訂了每天要發一件作品的目標. 這個計畫持續進行著, 不斷創造充滿女孩氣卻又不失其獨特風格的"刺繡插畫". 也許是看多了持續而有所小成的熱血人, 老是三分鐘熱度的自己今年也想堅持些什麼! (天天寫網誌也是其一!)


Right Back at You Bill.

Vinyl Love 2

Emilio  day 58 (I Think I Love You But I am a Preteen and My Mom says it's Hormones Week)

And They All Lived Happily Ever After



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