Odelae 舊物重生手縫日誌

When it comes to "handmade books" or "bookbinding", the first one comes up to my mind definitely is Odelae. Odelae's journals are born from the faded and timeworn materials that survive from the early 1900s. Something like leather, shells and old vintage stuff would be Erica E.'s favorite materials.

看過後很難忘懷的手工書非Odelae莫屬. Erica E.使用褪色的,磨損的舊素材, 如皮革. 貝殼. vintage stuff來縫製獨一無二的日誌. "老物重生"這個概念絕對是次文化中最歷久不衰的愛好之一.



Heart of the Sea - Handstitched Scallop Book Sculpture - Blank Journal

Old World Rose - Large Handstitched Leather Journal
Aerie - Large Handstitched Leather Journal
Woven One - Handstitched Mini Journal

Sky Tribe- Mini Handstitched Journal

Book of the Sea - Handstitched Clamshell Book Sculpture - Blank Journal

- Odelae's blog
- Esty: about Odelae
- easy steps to learn how to make handmade books: Bookbinding tutorial



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