Kevin Russ: A Traveling Photographer 拿著iphone遊遍美西

Love those incredible wildlife/landscape photos by Kevin Russ! He has been traveling around American west for the past years, and principally lives in car. Most of the photos were shot with his iphone. Ready to be an Instagram fan of Kevin Russ? Come here!

著迷於風景&生態攝影的人絕不可錯過Kevin Russ! 神奇的米國人遊歷美西, 邊玩邊拍照. 你相信這些美得令人驚嘆的照片大多出自於他口袋裡的iphone嗎? 再次證明好攝影需要的是"攝影師之心"而非貴桑桑的攝影器材(ex:大砲...) Enjoy it!

Kevin Russ / A Travelling Photographer



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